Arrive with a dream—leave with a finished first draft. That’s the mission.

Your goal is to complete 10 ‘key’ chapters of your book during this online course. You will be supported by Nick & a writing coach, who will check in with you every week. As a pre-requisite to beginning the course you must read your free copy of How to Write a Saleable Book in 10-Minute Bursts of Madness from cover to cover and complete the outline of your book as it is presented in the home study guide.

Ideally, we think you should be able to completely write your book within 4-6 weeks, with only 20 minutes per week.  If you want to write it faster, increases your weekly commitment. Finally, make sure that you completely review the home study guide before you get started.

Joan Brown – Sept 20, 2015

I’m glad that I met Nick because he was able to help me write the book in me for over 10 years in 3 days. He is amazing!

Fiona Fine – Sept 20, 2015

Truly an experience that can revolutionize how to get from idea to book! Simple and a testament to the professionalism and learnt a ton from a master book writer and promoter!! Thanks Nick and Ken – it was great.

Esther O’Toole – Sept 20, 2015

Nick Boothman is an awesome teacher. I entered on Friday evening with great apprehension and fear only to leave Sunday with the first draft of my book under my belt. His gentle prodding kept us pushing forward to get it done and delightful sense of humor made the week-end most enjoyable. I will highly recommend this experience.

David Harper – Sept 20, 2015

I attended your Toronto ‘Write A Saleable Book’ in a weekend it was truly amazing. You are my book writing Yoda. Your level of wisdom expressed through your invaluable experiences of book writing and life made this event unique and powerful. Your system was incredible and made this book writing process so easy. I completed my book and I am so grateful. I would highly recommend this weekend for those that are teachable and serious about not just writing, but truly writing a desirable, saleable and intentional book product by an successful and seasoned expert. Nick has such a way of taking complicated topics and making them simple and clear that is outstanding. I especially loved the trips to the marketplaces of the world in our groups. Truly amazing!!!

Cindy Stone – Sept 20, 2015

I have written several books and was curious to discover how a book could be written in a weekend. When I met Nick Boothman I became a believer. And now after being here for a weekend I have a complete outline of a book. Awesome! Nick Boothman is amazing. He is passionate about his work. He truly cares about the potential of people. He is incredibly generous with his knowledge. I would not hesitate to recommend this workshop for anyone who has a book Idea and wants to get it done in record time.

Barb Geisel – Sept 20, 2015

Nick Boothman is an extremely intelligent, worldly, well-rounded gentleman. I have read his book How to Find Love in 90 Days and am extremely impressed! There is so much I can learn from him. He was a joy to spend the weekend with creating the draft of my first book. I have signed up for two different book-writing courses in years previous to this and have not even written one word, even though I love to write. It was far too overwhelming and intimidating to do it alone. This weekend workshop with focused, concentrated 10 minute bursts of writing along with the feedback from other fellow students, allowed me to write 15,000 words in one weekend! The first draft of the book that has been in my head for 4 years in now complete. Yeah! Thank you so much for helping me on this journey Nick Boothman and Ken Dunn. I can already picture how this book with help me to build a speaking career and a thriving business as a Dating Strategist

Pauline Thomas – Sept 20, 2015

Wonderful experience – worth the effort and the money. I didn’t think I would enjoy this kind of training or did I even want to write a book (maybe because it seemed overwhelming) but Nick made the process fearless and easy. Great job!

Teresa Bagdol – Sept 2, 2015

Thank you Mr. Nicholas Boothman for putting your time and energy into creating and presenting this program! Nick’s dynamic in the classroom is humorous and witty as well as brash and to the point. And you look forward to every minute of it because, yes he did folks, he made you like him in 90 seconds or less.

Nick’s chapter forming and 10 minute burst of writing were just two of the skills taught this weekend that helped me take my abstract ideas and mold them into the transcript for my book told in my unique voice. Nick’s program not only teaches you skills for writing, it also teaches the information and offers the continues support needed to be successful in obtaining the goal you have set to be an author who sells their books.

Karim Premji – August 31, 2015:

What a great weekend! We actually got it done! I feel excited to get my draft which I created over the weekend edited and completed for publishing! The instructions were simple, and the bursts of writing made it happen. I great format for anyone serious about writing their book. Thank you Nick, Kenn, and Ash for a great experience!

Sheryl Silbaugh – August 31, 2015:

I have been working on my book for a couple of months. I even had two chapters written, but I wasn’t happy with them. I could feel my authentic voice trying to come through, but it just seemed to be stuck. Nick’s bursts of 10 minute writing did the trick. I immediately saw how I wanted to chapters to look. In the two days of writing the basics of each chapter unfolded and while I still need to do some research to round out the chapters, the book is basically written. Now I know that I can sit down and get in touch with my inner voice anytime. Thanks so much for this past weekend!

Cindy Rielly – July 1, 2015:

I have been to 100 writing seminars and have been promised the moon! Time and again, I have been let down. I caught a seminar that Nick Boothman did in Toronto and decided to give their Write a Book In A Weekend. I gave it all I had and, true to their word, the book was done by Sunday at 5 pm. I just approved the final edits and I am completely excited. Thanks to Nick and Ken for your commitment.

Frank Johnson – July 1, 2015:

Being a practicing doc, it is impossible for me to take the time to write a book, but I’ve always wanted to do it. When I saw the add for Nick’s Write A Book In a Weekend, I had to try. It worked! Book is done and they over-delivered!!!

Tracey – July 1, 2015:

I read Nicholas Boothman’s book and did my homework. When I walked into this 3 day class I was ready or so I thought. Over the next 3 days I was inspired, motivated and driven with such focus. Truly incredible experience. At the end of the 3 days I had my book in 1st draft. How is that even possible? You’ll just have to come and find out for yourself!!!

Mark Filo – July 1, 2015:

I attended the weekend in Toronto and was amazed at how easy it was to get that first draft of my book written. Nick truly is a master at imparting his knowledge and passion for writing. HIs “Writing in 10 minute bursts of Madness” technique is awesome, it helps to answer that question How do you eat an elephant? like an elephant,, it is a way to write my book one small chunk at a time, and it does not seem as daunting a task. Thank you Nick and Ken. If you think you might have a book in you, or you know you have one and do not know how to get it out, you have to go to this weekend. Besides, it is fun.

Scott Breard – April 26, 2015:

I attended your Toronto ‘Write A Saleable Self-Help Book in a Weekend’ in April and I found it incredibly helpful on the road to completing my first book. A weekend with Nick sharing his writing and publishing experience is worth much more than the fee to be a part of this weekend experience. I highly recommend that anyone hoping to write and publish a book to sign up. It will not only provide a positive group setting where you will be motivated to write and finish your book, but Nick’s advice to each author is priceless and led everyone who attended our weekend to the right path for success. – Scott Breard

Write a Saleable Book

Friday Evening

Explanation of the workbook and workshop format

Participants answer these vitally important questions as they pertain to their book:

  • What’s it all about?
  • What’s the working title?
  • What’s the unique benefit you offer your reader?
  • Who’s going to read it?
  • Who the heck are you?
  • Complete the $aleable sound bite, “When you’ve finished reading this book you’ll be able to…”

Next you’ll reveal the hook and the point of your book and come up with an overall beginning, a middle and an end.

Next you’ll learn the simple art of Writing Madly by writing a letter to a friend telling them all about your book.

This letter will for m the base of your emotional opening key chapter 1.

Saturday Morning

You’ll pay your first 90-second visit to The Publisher’s Pit (the publishers equivalent of The Dragon’s Den and The Shark Tank).

Following this, in groups of four, you’ll explain to each other, the logic behind the key chapter outlines you created as part of your homework.

Next you will write key chapter 2 in three, ten-minute busts of writing madly,


After the break, you’ll repeat the previous exercise and create key chapter 3.

By the lunch break, with three key chapters under your belt, you’ll probably be too excited to eat—but you must replenish your brain and your body.

Saturday Afternoon

After lunch we’ll discuss your ‘voice.’

Then you’ll write two key chapters 4 and 5


Write key chapter 6.

That’s six key chapters.

Sunday Morning

We kick-off with 30 minutes of Q&A.

Next you’ll spend 30 minutes organizing Saturday’s chapters into a logical order and looking for glaring omissions and missed steps in your self-help narrative.

Write key chapter 7.


Write key chapters 8 and 9.

Sunday Afternoon

Write emotional final key chapter 10.

We’ll look at where you’re going from here and visit the options before opening up for a general discussion.

Following the workshop, there will be an additional opportunity to visit The Publisher’s Pit for all students wishing to stay and take part.