In this interactive, no-nonsense, weekend workshop , Nicholas Boothman takes you through the five essential steps to writing a self-help book that actually sells. Preparing, producing, polishing, publishing and promoting. Embark on these steps in the right order and your books will fly off the shelves. Get it wrong and you’ll have a basement full of unsold books.
You’ll learn about:

  • the elements that make a saleable book and a saleable author
  • the immense value of a ‘killer’ title, focused sound bites and personal credibility
  • how to make your book fresh and different than the competition
  • how to promote your book in The Publisher’s Pit (the publishing equivalent of The Dragon’s Den and The Shark Tank)
  • the secrets of Writing Madly in 10 minute bursts. You get to try your hand at it right there in the free seminar
  • guided by Nicholas. (see what people who have already attended this seminar have to say about this mind-boggling experience
  • how to create and link ‘key’ chapters. 10 of them will form the backbone of your book
  • how to use ‘STORYspeak to bring your book alive, captivate, inspire and entertain your readers

how to package your expertise to:

  • Open new doors
  • Connect as an expert
  • Become a paid speaker
  • Have fun and make money
  • Gain instant credibility
  • Build your brand
  • Leave a legacy

You’ll even get a free, advanced copy of How to Write a Saleable self-Help Book in 10-Minute Bursts of Madness just for attending.

Be a published author of a book that actually sellsNicholas Boothman beat the odds.
From a professional fashion photographer to a professional author-with three international bestsellers in a row-in just 10 years. The chances of this happening are less than one in 1 million. In his workshops and seminars workshop Nicholas shares the secrets of his success with you.
Who should attend?

  • anyone who wants to publish a book that actually sells beyond their family and friends
  • an expert in a field
  • a trainer who wants to make the work interesting to others
  • anyone who wants to publish a cookbook, how-to book, self-help, manual, handbook, memoir or other nonfiction
  • anyone interested in helping someone else publish a book that sells
  • anyone interested in evaluating if there got what it takes
  • someone who is already published and can’t figure out why they have a garage full of unsold books

What you will learn:

  • harnessing your expertise
  • building your credibility
  • becoming a resource
  • finding your hook and your point
  • generating a killer title
  • who is your primary audience
  • who is your real audience
  • finding your voice
  • structure and form
  • storytelling in nonfiction
  • working with devices
  • bring your books alive
  • working with editors
  • finding an agent
  • finding a publisher/distributor
  • advances
  • working with a publicist
  • how to make a stranger by your book
  • spinoffs and licensing
  • making money while you sleep